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Lisa Jewell – Watching You Review

Short Spoiler Free Review

“You’re back home after four years of working abroad.

You’re keen to find a place of your own. But for now you’re crashing in your big brothers spare room.

And then you meet the man next door.

He’s the head teacher at the local school. Twice your age. Extraordinary attractive.

You find yourself watching him. All the time.

You never dreamed that your innocent crush might become a deadly obsession.

Or that someone is watching you. ”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I mean, doesn’t that synopsis already get your knickers in a twist?! 😱! The synopsis is intriguing enough and doesn’t even outline the main part of the story!

I just finished this and oh my 🤭! The story line is amazing and has SO many twists. I did guess one of the main plot twists but there were still so many that I had no idea about which definitely kept me wanting to read on. It was super intriguing, super sitting on the edge of your seat type read, super wanting to know what happens.

Watching You is very cleverly written and well thought out. It focuses on one small town and a small group of people within that town and the way it focuses on each person is amazing and definitely keeps it from getting boring.

… and now I wait for @lisajewelluk ‘s next 💀😂

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John Marrs – The Passengers: Review

Short Spoiler Free Review

Eight self-drive cars set on a collision course. Who lives, who dies? You decide.

When someone hacks into the systems of eight self-drive cars, their passengers are set on a fatal collision course. 

The passengers are: a TV star, a pregnant young woman, a disabled war hero, an abused wife fleeing her husband, an illegal immigrant, a husband and wife – and parents of two – who are travelling in separate vehicles and a suicidal man. Now the public have to judge who should survive but are the passengers all that they first seem?”

Big thank you to Ebury and PenguinUK for sending me this book to review.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This was amazing! The whole concept intrigued me right away, I mean, self-drive cars? SO INTERESTING! Especially since they are trialing them in the UK! Super intriguing.

The Passengers is set a few years in the future and starts out introducing us to Libby, the main character who most people can relate to. Libby is an average girl who opposes self-drive cars. The book continues to tell us about self-drive cars and how they operate as well as their different levels.

When the hacker takes over and we are introduced to the eight passengers, things get very interesting. John Marrs was very clever about how he wrote this book and it switches between each of the passengers and Libby.

This book doesn’t give you the opportunity to wonder what is going to happen because once you are told something, you read something else and your opinion changes completely!

Very cleverly written and some amazing twists throughout the book. A very enjoyable read and I would high recommend! 🚗

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Roxie Cooper – The Day We Met : Review

“Stephanie doesn’t believe in fate, true love or living happily ever after. She’s content enough being engaged to Matt. But then she meets Jamie, who understands her more than anyone else ever has. 

Jamie is happily married to his childhood sweetheart Helen and believes in everything Stephanie doesn’t. So why does he have such a strong connection with Stephanie?

When Stephanie and Jamie meet one fateful weekend in 2006 it will change everything…

Ten years. Two people. One epic love story.

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Big thank you to Ebury & PenguinUK for sending me this book to review. Available now on ebook and paperback is released 07/03/19.

I found this book to be a very easy and fast paced read. I was able to put it down and pick straight back up with the story just continuing to flow. The ways it’s written over ten years is amazing and definitely contributes to it being a fast read.

The story is kind of predictable HOWEVER I was still crying 😭😂. It’s a very real story and I love the was Roxie Cooper uses songs to interpret feelings throughout the book. Being able to listen to a sound track as you read, that matches the story is just a whole other level.

It loses a star simply because it was predictable which made me not want to read in because I knew what was going to happen, but I’m so glad I did!

I won’t say anymore because I want to keep this spoiler free but definitely have tissues near by and definitely enjoy the read!

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Julie Anne Peters – Lies My Girlfriend Told Me : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“When Alix’s charismatic girlfriend, Swanee, suddenly dies, Alix is overcome with despair. As she searches Swanees room for mementos of their relationship, she finds swanees cell phone, pinging with dozens of texts sent from a girl named Liana”

(Young Adult / LGBT)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two word review: Yes mate.

I loved this book. Julie Anne Peters never fails to amaze me with her books and I love them all, slightly bias? Nah.

This story is about a girl struggling with the grief of losing her girlfriend, the girl she gave everything up for, only to find her phone with messages from another girl (ohhhhhh)!

The book explores different forms of grief, loss, acceptance and also it subtly explores emotional abuse which, applause to Julie Anne Peters, I love that there is awareness being raised within young adults.

Alix is real (not really real but real). She has such a realistic personality and I love how her home life is included in the story and from start to end you can see how it all comes together and develops Alix as a person.

The only disappointment for me was that we didn’t get much of a back story but I guess it wasn’t really needed, just an extra I would have liked 🤷🏼‍♀️



I kind of guessed that Alix and Liana would end up dating, it was inevitable but I was SO for it! I mean they are cute AF. I loved that the story subtlety told how they had both been emotionally abused by Swanee but obviously had so much love for eachother. I mean askjknabdge they are cute ok?!

I would have defiantly liked more of a back story of Swanee, how she managed to date them both, why she was doing it, just a snippet of her version would have been nice 🤷🏼‍♀️. But the story was still brilliant and I loved it, thanks Julie Anne Peters 🙊🤟🏼

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Monthly Boxes – Night Light Candle

Hi? Hello? Good afternoon? Wassup? How the hell do you start these blogs?! 😂

Anyway, I thought I would do a new series of blogs related specifically to Night Light Candle. If you don’t know what Night Light Candle is .. well I’m sure you do since your reading this blog right? I’ll tell you anyway. Night Light Candle is my tiny small business that makes bookish themed candles (wooo) 🎉. This series of blogs will be about what candles and stuff we’re doing and why we chose certain these, a little like a background story to some of our decisions and a behind the scenes haha!

If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen that we have started to do monthly bookish themed boxes. Now I LOVE a mystery box and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE a bookish mystery box but they can be so expensive for us here in the UK 😭. So I decided I wanted to create a small bookish themed box that was going to be a cheaper alternative to the bigger, more expensive boxes out there. Therefore, we have Night Light Boxes 😂 (I literally just made that up, that’s not real 😂). BUT, we do have our monthly boxes that include one large 8oz candle, one small 4oz candles, one a5 print and two bookmarks all for (drum roll please …) £12.50 ( woooooo 🙌🏼). Our boxes are theme every month and are always themed around books or bookish ideas 💡.

Which brings me onto our first month (🥁) A Box For Dead Queens inspired by Astrid Scholte’s Four Dead Queens which is due to release February 26th! We’re super excited about this box because the synopsis of Astrid’s book sounds AMAZING! I was scrolling through goodreads when I came across Four Dead Queens and as soon as I read it I knew I needed to do something to go alongside the book. I was hooked at “A divided nation. Four Queens. A ruthless pickpocket. A Nobel messenger. And the murders that unite them.”. I mean 😱😱😱!! I need to read that right now!!

So yeah, that’s why A Box For Dead Queens is our first monthly box and will be posted out mid February in time for the book release 🙊! We’ll be releasing our next theme 1st February so keep your eyes open for that one and please let me know if you would like me to carry on with this blog series. I think it’s kind of nice giving a background to some of our products and what we do 😝.

If you wanted to purchase A Box For Dead Queens you can get it here but there is only two left at the time of writing this 😱.

I didn’t know how to start this blog so I’m ending it with a peach out 🤟🏼 (oh god help me 😂). Thank you all for reading! ♥️

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Lynda La Plante – Widows : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“A security van heist goes disastrously wrong and three women are left widowed.

When Dolly discovers her late husbands plans for the failed hijack, an idea starts to form…

Could she and the other widows finish the job their husbands started?”

(Mystery / Drama)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two word review: very exciting.

Ok, this book is an amazing drama/thriller type book that puts women in the highlight. I love the fact that it’s a group of women leading this story rather than men like it usually is.

The story builds up slowly but there is action from the start and it never gets boring. The book is about a heist that a group of men tried to complete but failed, killing themselves. Their widows decide to take over and complete the heist on their own. I was on the edge of my seat reading this book, there’s so many twists and turns and I just couldn’t wait to get through it. It was such an exciting read.

I’m not sure if it’s only me but I love stories about heists, it always gives me ideas on how I could get away with robbing a bank one day 🙄😂! I loved reading about all the planning and build up of the heist and Lynda La Plante did not disappoint one bit.

I was however, a little disappointed to find out there is a sequel to this book and I’m unsure I will it because I quiet liked where the story ended but i guess there was still some unanswered questions 🤷🏼‍♀️.



OH MY GOD, what a twist?! Did you expect it? Did you guess what was going to happen? I must admit that I didn’t expect it until I put the pieces together and then I was like holy sh*t! HARRY RAWLINS IS ALIVE! After I figured it out I was kind of wondering whether him and Dolly where going to team up and take all the money in the end and I was so glad when the girls got to Rio in one piece.

I just loved how all of them came from different backgrounds and they all came together to pull this heist off and did it amazingly! Anyone want to team up? 😂

Even at the end of the book when they were going to Rio there was still some on edge moments, like when Dollys case was about to be search and Shirley was questioned, ahhh so much drama!

I loved this story though and would definitely recommend it if you love heist/bank robbery stuff 😝!

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Claire Fuller – Our Endless Numbered Days : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“1976: Peggy Hillcoat is eight. She spends her summer camping with her father, playing her beloved record of The Railway Children and listening to her mother’s grand piano, but her pretty life is about to change.

Her survivalist father, who has been stockpiling provisions for the end which is surely coming soon, takes her from London to a cabin in a remote European forest. There he tells Peggy the rest of the world has disappeared.

Her life is reduced to a piano which makes music but no sound, a forest where all that grows is a means of survival. And a tiny wooden hut that is Everything.”

(Mystery / Survival)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

[su_expand height=”60″]

Two word review: its ok.

I love survival type books and this jumped out to me straight away, I was intrigued! The story is very well written but as a book, I simple think it was just ok.

I mean, I did enjoy reading it and got through it quiet quick, but nothing grabbed me that made me want to read on, the story was predictable and I guessed what was going to happen at the end.

The characters are intriguing but it takes a while for the book to begin and then because it’s spread over so many years, there’s not a huge amount of detail. Hmm, I guess it was a strange book really, I did enjoy it but it wasn’t anything special.



As Iv said above, this story was a strange one for me because I enjoyed it but didn’t think it was fantastic.

I loved Peggy but think the story was abit ruined when her name was changed to Punzel, I know it was supposed to be fairytale like but sticking to Peggy would have been fine. I guessed that Peggy had made Rueben up in her mind which made the book kind of predictable. I also thought that Peggy’s ‘relationship’ with Rueben near the end wasn’t needed, it made the story go from a young adults book to adults.

It also took a while for the book to actually get started although it did set a background, it took some of the detail away. & I mean, what the hell happened to Oliver Hannington?

I did like the ending and I liked how Fuller rounded it all off nicely. I liked the German parts in the story and it really made you feel part of the story.

I would recommend reading this book as something you just kind of want on the side as an extra read as the book isn’t too long and you can get through it fairly quick.


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Isabella Murphy – from Dark to Light : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“Pumpker, a little boy pumpkin, desires nothing more than to be adopted by a family to make them happy. Planted as a slim white seed along with his sisters, Plumpalicious and Plumpilina, he finds his wish come true as he grows into a pumpkin.”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two word review: so cute.

Ok, firstly I want to thank the author of this book for sending it out to me. Secondly, oh my god this book is adorable! It’s so cute! I loved it.

It’s defiantly a book for around Halloween time as it’s about pumpkins but I think this is such a great read for the younger children. I read this through on myself and loved it but I’m definitely saving it to read with my niece to (she’s too young to understand yet).

The story is well written and the illustrations are incredible. You don’t see many books around for Halloween time so I would defiantly recommend picking this one up.

🚨 ALERT: SPOILERS BELOW: ALERT 🚨 ———————————————————————

Oh my god guys, have you read this book? I mean, I fell in love with pumpker. He’s so cute and adorable and just aww!

I loved this story, it’s just a shame it wasn’t longer but, in saying that, I think it’s the right length for a children’s read. I think children would love this book around Halloween time, don’t you?

I loved that even though the family caved the pumpkins, it was a good feeling for them and they all got excited! I was slightly worried that carving them would kill them haha.

Anyways, I loved it. Defiantly worth a read with your younger ones and I think older, younger ones could read this on there own, it’s very well written and easy to read. Everyone, go pick this book up for halloween! It will 100% get your little ones excited for pumpkin picking and carving! 🎃 .

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Jeffery Deaver – Roadside Crosses : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“On the internet, you can never be sure who is listening.

Anyone can discover your secrets.

Your deepest fears.

And some will use them against you.

Roadside crosses are appearing along The Californian highways – memorials to deaths that have not yet occurred.

Now Kathryn Dance, Special Agent and kinesics expert, must race against the clock to find a psychopath before he can carry out his deadly plans … in the cyber world and the real.”

(Thriller / Mystery)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️1/2

Two word review: takes times.

Ok, so this book was actually a really good story but … it just took so long for me to get through it. It didn’t hook me to the point where I couldn’t put it down, I was happy to put it down for a few days and just read it when I was bored.

However, as I said, the story line was pretty amazing and really interested. I think Deaver tried to put to many stories into one which made it a long and sometimes boring bored (sorry Deaver).

It’s an interesting book but not one that I would say ‘you definitely have to read’.

🚨 ALERT: SPOILERS BELOW: ALERT 🚨 ———————————————————————

As I’ve said above, this book took me sooo long to read, like over a month! But the story line was really interesting.

Deaver dives straight into the story, which I liked, there was no build up, just straight in. And wow, was the story amazing. I mean, the case of the roadside crosses starts and instantly your putting the puzzle together, wondering who it could be. The details and cover ups were amazing, poor travis! The turn out at the end was incredible, like who guessed Chilton?! I did at first but I kind of forgot about it through and was hunting for Travis.

The whole internet and gaming side of this book was also pretty cool to read and I loved the fact that Deaver actually includes websites for readers to look at. That was a nice touch.

I think if Deaver had just kept to the one storyline, the book would have been amazing, however he included another 2-3 story lines which bulked the book odour and made it boring at points.

I loved the story line about Dance’s mom, but was it necessary? I don’t think it was, especially because she wasn’t guilty, it would have been so much more interesting if she had have killed Juan Miller!

Anyway, as I said, the story was pretty amazing but it is a hard book to get though, I contemplated just giving up at points. Has anyone else read this book? I’d love to hear your thoughts .. 💭

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John Green – Turtles All The Way Down : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate. So together they navigate the short distance and broad divides that separate them from Russell Pickett’s son, Davis.

Aza is trying. She is trying to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good student and maybe even a good detective, while also living within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.”

(Young Adult / Mystery)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two word review: too short.

Holy s**t, I have missed John Green. This book was just amazing and he definitely did not disappoint. I literally couldn’t put this book down, I was so intrigued and curious and hooked and ugh, I just loved it ok?!

The book if 100% worth the read, the storyline is simple yet so complicated once you start reading. It’s definitely not what you expect from reading the back cover information, there is so much more to the story! I love how John Green writes about mental health in a way that is so relatable, it’s amazing that he highlights it.

There was one disappointing thing about this book and that was … it wasn’t long enough! John Green I need more! Seriously, I could have read this book forever, I didn’t want to read it to fast but I just wanted to know what happened too.

As I said, defiantly worth the read and I would 100000000% recommend it. Do it everyone, just read the book! Haha 😋.

🚨 ALERT: SPOILERS BELOW: ALERT 🚨 ———————————————————————

This book broke my heart at the same time as fixing it up. Does that even make sense? I fell completely in love with the characters in this book, especially Aza. Green made Aza (or Holmesy) so relatable, like, I thought it was just me stuck in that spiral sometimes but it turns out that it’s probably most of us right?

John Green did an amazing job of highlighting mental health in teens and young adults but wrote it in a way that was so understandable. Aza’s thoughts & mental health literally made this book what it was, amazing!

I loved Aza’s and Davis’ relationship, it was so pure but not real at the same time. I feel like they didn’t get the opportunity to become a real couple and I would have loved to have seen that! It was the least they both deserved. The ending of this book was just heartbreaking – Davis leaving that spiral picture for Aza, melts my heart!

Daisy was an amazing character and demonstrated what a true friend was, although she was kind of shitty when she wrote those fan fics about Aza, not cool Daisy. But … it did kind of make sense, it was her way of dealing with it, so we still kind of love her.

I love how the beginning of this story is all about the mystery of Russell Pickett but the majority of the book focuses on Aza’s mental health and her relationships with Daisy & Davis. But it all links to the mystery and at the end, it finally comes together.

I was so disappointed that this book wasn’t longer, I really, like really, wanted more! I was reading it and couldn’t stop but also wanted to stop so it lasted longer 😩!

Please read this book and let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear how others interpreted the book and your opinions on it 💭