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Jeffery Deaver – Roadside Crosses : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“On the internet, you can never be sure who is listening.

Anyone can discover your secrets.

Your deepest fears.

And some will use them against you.

Roadside crosses are appearing along The Californian highways – memorials to deaths that have not yet occurred.

Now Kathryn Dance, Special Agent and kinesics expert, must race against the clock to find a psychopath before he can carry out his deadly plans … in the cyber world and the real.”

(Thriller / Mystery)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️1/2

Two word review: takes times.

Ok, so this book was actually a really good story but … it just took so long for me to get through it. It didn’t hook me to the point where I couldn’t put it down, I was happy to put it down for a few days and just read it when I was bored.

However, as I said, the story line was pretty amazing and really interested. I think Deaver tried to put to many stories into one which made it a long and sometimes boring bored (sorry Deaver).

It’s an interesting book but not one that I would say ‘you definitely have to read’.

🚨 ALERT: SPOILERS BELOW: ALERT 🚨 ———————————————————————

As I’ve said above, this book took me sooo long to read, like over a month! But the story line was really interesting.

Deaver dives straight into the story, which I liked, there was no build up, just straight in. And wow, was the story amazing. I mean, the case of the roadside crosses starts and instantly your putting the puzzle together, wondering who it could be. The details and cover ups were amazing, poor travis! The turn out at the end was incredible, like who guessed Chilton?! I did at first but I kind of forgot about it through and was hunting for Travis.

The whole internet and gaming side of this book was also pretty cool to read and I loved the fact that Deaver actually includes websites for readers to look at. That was a nice touch.

I think if Deaver had just kept to the one storyline, the book would have been amazing, however he included another 2-3 story lines which bulked the book odour and made it boring at points.

I loved the story line about Dance’s mom, but was it necessary? I don’t think it was, especially because she wasn’t guilty, it would have been so much more interesting if she had have killed Juan Miller!

Anyway, as I said, the story was pretty amazing but it is a hard book to get though, I contemplated just giving up at points. Has anyone else read this book? I’d love to hear your thoughts .. 💭

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John Green – Turtles All The Way Down : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate. So together they navigate the short distance and broad divides that separate them from Russell Pickett’s son, Davis.

Aza is trying. She is trying to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good student and maybe even a good detective, while also living within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.”

(Young Adult / Mystery)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two word review: too short.

Holy s**t, I have missed John Green. This book was just amazing and he definitely did not disappoint. I literally couldn’t put this book down, I was so intrigued and curious and hooked and ugh, I just loved it ok?!

The book if 100% worth the read, the storyline is simple yet so complicated once you start reading. It’s definitely not what you expect from reading the back cover information, there is so much more to the story! I love how John Green writes about mental health in a way that is so relatable, it’s amazing that he highlights it.

There was one disappointing thing about this book and that was … it wasn’t long enough! John Green I need more! Seriously, I could have read this book forever, I didn’t want to read it to fast but I just wanted to know what happened too.

As I said, defiantly worth the read and I would 100000000% recommend it. Do it everyone, just read the book! Haha 😋.

🚨 ALERT: SPOILERS BELOW: ALERT 🚨 ———————————————————————

This book broke my heart at the same time as fixing it up. Does that even make sense? I fell completely in love with the characters in this book, especially Aza. Green made Aza (or Holmesy) so relatable, like, I thought it was just me stuck in that spiral sometimes but it turns out that it’s probably most of us right?

John Green did an amazing job of highlighting mental health in teens and young adults but wrote it in a way that was so understandable. Aza’s thoughts & mental health literally made this book what it was, amazing!

I loved Aza’s and Davis’ relationship, it was so pure but not real at the same time. I feel like they didn’t get the opportunity to become a real couple and I would have loved to have seen that! It was the least they both deserved. The ending of this book was just heartbreaking – Davis leaving that spiral picture for Aza, melts my heart!

Daisy was an amazing character and demonstrated what a true friend was, although she was kind of shitty when she wrote those fan fics about Aza, not cool Daisy. But … it did kind of make sense, it was her way of dealing with it, so we still kind of love her.

I love how the beginning of this story is all about the mystery of Russell Pickett but the majority of the book focuses on Aza’s mental health and her relationships with Daisy & Davis. But it all links to the mystery and at the end, it finally comes together.

I was so disappointed that this book wasn’t longer, I really, like really, wanted more! I was reading it and couldn’t stop but also wanted to stop so it lasted longer 😩!

Please read this book and let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear how others interpreted the book and your opinions on it 💭

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Amber Elby – Cauldron’s Bubble : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“A magical bubble transports Alda through time and place to a realm of witches and curses, pirates and princes, and the lost worlds of Shakespeare. She, along with a cabin boy called Dreng, must navigate the conflicts and characters of Macbeth, Hamlet and The Tempest. But will they escape with their lives? Or will they become lost and forgotten?”

(Young Adult / Magical / Mystery)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two word review: truly mesmerising.

Ok, this book seriously had me gripped from the start. Elby has done an amazing job writing this book and I cannot praise her enough.

Now, in all honesty, this isn’t something I would usually read but I just couldn’t put it down after I’d started! Every part of this book is just magical and grabs at your curiosity.

I think this is an amazing book that should be implemented in schools as a stepping stone to learn Shakespeare. It’s a brilliant story that I truly enjoyed reading, I’d highly recommend it and I’m super excited for the sequel that is due out in a few months!

🚨 ALERT: SPOILERS BELOW: ALERT 🚨 ———————————————————————

oh my god, this book! I just can’t get over how mesmerising it was, I was totally hooked! The book focuses on two main characters, Alda & Dreng, who end up following this crazy magical adventure. Both stories are separate but they interlink through the whole book, honestly, Elby has done such an amazing job writing this book.

Alda made me feel like I was following the story with her, from start to finish, I was right there. Dreng Just kept me curious, and I still have un-answered questions about Dreng that I’m hoping will be answered in the next book.

The story is so fascinating and again, the way Elby has wrote it is amazing. I mean, years go by in the book, yet no time goes by at all? There’s so much magic in the book and everything is so detailed that I felt like I shouldn’t understand it all, but the way Elby has wrote it made sure I did understand it. It’s really hard to explain but she just did an incredible job on the details in every aspect of the story.

There were so many twists and ‘what’s going to happen next’, Elby kept you constantly curious. For example, when Alda keeps switching between worlds, why did she turn up on Drengs ship? What on earth did happen to Miranda?

I want to say a huge thank you to Amber Elby for sending me out this book to read and review. It was an absolutely amazing adventure and I would highly recommend it to anyone, of any age! As I mentioned above, this book should definitely be read in schools and I really think people will enjoy this book once they give it a chance.

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Tom Fletcher – The Creakers : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“What silently waits in the shadows at night?

What’s under your bed, keeping Just out of sight?

What’s patiently waiting while your counting sheep?

What never comes out unless you’re fast asleep?

What makes all the creaks, cracks and clangs in your house?

It isn’t the cat, or your dog, or a mouse. Those noises are made by mysterious creatures. Read on if you dare and you might meet the creakers.”

(Children’s / Magical / Mystery)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book is a children’s book and I’m a twenty something year old, but when I heard Tom Fletcher talking about it on tv, I just had to read it. The book followers the story of a young girl trying to save the grown-ups.

To begin with, I did struggle to read it because it was a children’s book but once I’d read a few chapters I was hooked and couldn’t put it down – literally finished it within the day. Fletcher really brings the characters to life in the book and you just can’t help but love them.

This book would make a lovely family read before bed with younger children and I’d absolutely love to see it as a movie, damn right I’d be first in line.

🚨 ALERT: SPOILERS BELOW: ALERT 🚨 ———————————————————————

I absolutely loved this book (once I’d gotten into it) and the characters, oh the characters were just amazing! Fletcher uses an illustration of the characters on one of the first pages which brings them all to life, it makes the book feel more real because you have the illustrations. My favourite characters, of course, were Lucy and Norman and I just loved how they weren’t the stereotypical girl and boy, popular kids. Lucy was a bit boystrious and Norman was a bit geeky and I loved that! It was also nice to have the combination of Ella in the group too.

One thing that did kind of let me down about this book was that, at times, the narrator became part of the book. For example, the narrator would write something and Lucy would answer him. This kind of ruined it for me at times because I was so engrossed in the story and then there would be a line from the narrator, which kind of made me remember it was just a book and I wasn’t in fact in the story. At some points it was quiet humorous but I think Fletcher has engrossed the readers so much that he doesn’t need those parts in it. I don’t know, what do you think? I think without them, I could have just read the book in one full sitting.

The book had me so engrossed in it that I kind of want to go upstairs and leave some rubbish for the creakers under my bed! That’s weird right? I know it’s weird, but that’s how real Fletcher makes the story feel!

I really enjoyed reading this book and would definitely, 100%, go to the cinema to watch this as a movie. Let me know your thoughts of it, I’d love to hear what you think?💭.

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Sharon Bolton – Dead Woman Walking : Review

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“Just before dawn in the hills near the Scottish bored, thirteen passengers on a hot-air balloon flight witness a brutal murder. Within the next hour, all but one of them will be dead.

Alone, scared and trusting no-one, she flees for her life, running to the one place she feels safe. But she’s seen the killers face, and he’s seen hers – and he won’t rest until he’s eliminated the last witness to his crime …”

(Thriller / Crime / Mystery)

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

Ok so, I found this book easy to read, despite it jumping back and fourth and between different characters. It’s a little confusing at first but once you gather what’s going on it becomes very easy to follow (but sometimes very annoying too). Bolton had me gripped from the start and I definitely wanted to continue reading to find out what happens, like hello, give me answers right?! There’s defiantly more to this story than what you get from the back cover, so many different characters that all interlink and so many scenarios that you just have to read your way through to get the answers. There were so many different stories in one story but Bolton did an excellent job of keeping them all connected. The ending was the best part of the book for me and Bolton wrapped the story up amazingly. Definitely worth a read.



Ok so this book was crazy! There were so many different stories to follow but Bolton answered all of the questions amazingly in the ending. I mean, can you believe Jessica was actually Bella? I kind of guessed it as I was working my way through the book but then forgot about it, so it still shocked me when it came out. I think it was a great twist on the story and Bolton did a great job of keeping it under wraps until it was announced near the end.

I kind of understand the story of Bella being abused by father but I don’t think it added anything to the story? I mean, it made a great ending, finding out that it wasn’t her brother who abused her but was it needed? I don’t think it was, I think the story would have still been great without it. I feel like Bolton Just bulked the story out a bit with this mini story, what did you think?

& oh my! The Ajax / Mojo storyline was brilliant! I was not expecting Mojo to be who she was in the end, again, another amazing twist by Bolton.

I did enjoy reading this book and would definitely take a look at Bolton future books. Let me know your thoughts of it, I’d love to see what others opinions are 💭.