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Monthly Boxes – Night Light Candle

Hi? Hello? Good afternoon? Wassup? How the hell do you start these blogs?! 😂

Anyway, I thought I would do a new series of blogs related specifically to Night Light Candle. If you don’t know what Night Light Candle is .. well I’m sure you do since your reading this blog right? I’ll tell you anyway. Night Light Candle is my tiny small business that makes bookish themed candles (wooo) 🎉. This series of blogs will be about what candles and stuff we’re doing and why we chose certain these, a little like a background story to some of our decisions and a behind the scenes haha!

If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen that we have started to do monthly bookish themed boxes. Now I LOVE a mystery box and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE a bookish mystery box but they can be so expensive for us here in the UK 😭. So I decided I wanted to create a small bookish themed box that was going to be a cheaper alternative to the bigger, more expensive boxes out there. Therefore, we have Night Light Boxes 😂 (I literally just made that up, that’s not real 😂). BUT, we do have our monthly boxes that include one large 8oz candle, one small 4oz candles, one a5 print and two bookmarks all for (drum roll please …) £12.50 ( woooooo 🙌🏼). Our boxes are theme every month and are always themed around books or bookish ideas 💡.

Which brings me onto our first month (🥁) A Box For Dead Queens inspired by Astrid Scholte’s Four Dead Queens which is due to release February 26th! We’re super excited about this box because the synopsis of Astrid’s book sounds AMAZING! I was scrolling through goodreads when I came across Four Dead Queens and as soon as I read it I knew I needed to do something to go alongside the book. I was hooked at “A divided nation. Four Queens. A ruthless pickpocket. A Nobel messenger. And the murders that unite them.”. I mean 😱😱😱!! I need to read that right now!!

So yeah, that’s why A Box For Dead Queens is our first monthly box and will be posted out mid February in time for the book release 🙊! We’ll be releasing our next theme 1st February so keep your eyes open for that one and please let me know if you would like me to carry on with this blog series. I think it’s kind of nice giving a background to some of our products and what we do 😝.

If you wanted to purchase A Box For Dead Queens you can get it here but there is only two left at the time of writing this 😱.

I didn’t know how to start this blog so I’m ending it with a peach out 🤟🏼 (oh god help me 😂). Thank you all for reading! ♥️